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East West Martial Arts Supply was founded over 40 years ago by martial artists who wanted to satisfy the demand for exceptional products for all styles of martial arts. Our staff of experts have compiled an extensive selection of equipment and attire for dedicated practitioners.
Quality merchandise--at the best prices--shipped promptly, is the goal of our company. Our customers have relied on our service with confidence for over four decades of operation. In fact, some of our best sales representatives have been our satisfied customers, time and time again recommending us to their friends.
Every item of equipment and apparel featured on this website has undergone a thorough regimen of quality testing and analysis, to ensure the most stringent adherence to our own demanding standards, as well as those of serious martial artists worldwide. Additionally, we are continually evaluating new developments and processes, both in the practice of martial arts, and the manufacture of supplies, so that we might be at the forefront of innovation in our field.
The serious martial artist places rigorous demands not only upon their body, but on their gear as well. Whether it be a uniform, protective wear, training equipment, or any of our traditional, as well as contemporary weaponry, East West Martial Arts and Bear Brand have long been considered benchmarks of quality!
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